More of the Second Screen


Putting together a television production is a lot of work. This last season of SAMAQAN took us two years to produce. From the beginning research stages to the final changes, adjustments and tweaks, many hours of teamwork has gone into making it the best that we could. Its not often we get to – or want to – tell our story. But here it is.

This is a chance to let our crew tell you the viewer what it takes to put these shows into a viewable package. In some cases we will lend you no secrets but we will also tell you no lies. Its takes dedication as one spends nearly all of your time away from home. We are road warriors and it does become somewhat of a culture –a dynamic one that changes from program to program.

You get to laugh at us as we laugh at ourselves. There is a reason why we jokingly call ourselves the finicky first nations. We have become fussy about how we make our scenes and our guests look and sound. We are particular at how our host looks and sounds. In the final analysis we all walk away feeling great because we know we have done the best that we could to raise the production value of our programs to the highest standards seen on any documentary series.

On a personal level I take great pride in knowing that I built this team from scratch. In almost all instances working on my productions was the first entry for many of the team players found here. Rene worked with me straight out of College, as did Kristy, Mike and Ramsay. Marianne worked on the other side of the camera as an accomplished actress but when she came behind the camera, I help ease the transition. Severn has also worked on other TV shows but not on a documentary series. That’s our direct SAMAQAN, Storytellers in Motion and Ravens and Eagles team and ones you will meet in these Behind the Scenes videos and photographs.