Kristy Assu

Producer, Production Manager, Edit team

Kristy L. Assu (Haida/Kwakiulth) grew up on Vancouver Island British Columbia in Campbell River on the We Wai Kai reserve. Kristy grew up in a commercial fishing family often spending summers on the fishing boat and Haida Gwaii traveling the west coast of the pacific north west catching salmon, halibut, herring and many more. Kristy also grew up learning her culture through potlatches and ceremonies of the Kwakwaka’wakw people of the North West coast. 

After high school Kristy trained for two years at the North Island College in the hotel and resort management program and working in the hospitality industry. After working for a few years in the industry Kristy realized that her creativity was being lost and that she had a lot more to contribute. In 2003 Kristy met Executive Producer Jeff Bear who encouraged her to attend Capilano Universities Aboriginal Film and Television Production Training Program at which she completed and graduated with honors. In 2005 Jeff Bear and Marianne Jones took a chance on Kristy and hired her for a job placement with Urbanrez Productions In Vancouver, BC to which she has proven to be a valuable asset ever since. Since then Kristy has had training at the Banff centre for performing arts in High Definition film and video as well as many film and television festival experiences. 

Kristy has produced several Independent Productions that range from Promotional and Cultural videos to Educational projects. Since then she has helped Manage such projects as the 39 part series titled Storytellers in Motion produced between 2005 and 2009. After training for the past 7 years she is now one of the Producers of the new and innovative 52 part series titled SAMAQAN: Water Stories, a documentary series featuring stories about human interaction with water, that explores the issues of common concern in the indigenous communities in Canada. Kristy is now the head of development for Urban Rez Productions, a producer and director of SAMAQAN: Water Stories, and is the post-production supervisor of all productions. SAMAQAN 40-52 will mark Kristy’s seventh TV series since graduating from Capilano College in 2005. 

Kristy continues to develop her skills in writing, directing and editing and is always striving to perfect her craft. Kristy looks forward to many more years of producing and creating unique and exciting content that probes hard hitting conversations and questions about aboriginal issues.