Marianne Jones

Producer, Director, Writer and Narrator.

Marianne Jones

Marianne Jones is a filmmaker, actress, and the creative director of the Vancouver-based Urban  Rez Productions. Marianne first stood in front of a camera at the age of 16 with a principal role of “I Heard The Owl Call My Name”. She would go on to act in over a dozen movies and TV drama’s, “McGyver”, “Street Legal”, “North of Sixty” and with a recurring role on the CBC “Beachcombers” that lasted nine years. With a long and distinguished career in front of the camera, going behind the camera was a matter of time for Marianne. In 1999 Jones turned her attention to television crafts and within two years landed her first directing role under the guidance of storyteller and partner, Jeff Bear. The first project was a documentary about the lobster wars of 1999 in Burnt Church, New Brunswick.

In 1998 Jones and Bear incorporated their first company, Urban Rez Productions, and at the 2001 Banff Television Festival, their first work “Burnt Church : Obstruction of Justice”  won the Telefilm/APTN award  for best English language production.  From 2000 until 2010 Marianne Jones has been very busy as a director, writer and narrator with credits for 26 episodes of Ravens and Eagles and 39 episodes of Storytellers in Motion, both series that aired on the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network. 

For the last 25 years Marianne has been a dancer and singer with TUUL GUNDLAS CYAAL XAADA “The Rainbow Creek Dancers” (led by acclaimed artist Robert Davidson) presenting contemporary and traditional Haida performances. 

Currently she is Senior Producer, Narrator and occasional director and script editor of SAMAQAN. She is head of business affairs. This lady wears many hats.