Ramsay Bourquin

Still photography, Soundman, Graphics, Edit team 14-52

Ramsay Bourquin is one of those rare finds. As the younger brother to Michael he was introduced to us when we traveled to Iskut, B.C. to shoot an episode with the late famed trapper Loveman Nole. Mike mentioned to us that he was a skilled photographer so I hired him for the day. He ended up working for us for the last five years taking stills and other things.

Ramsay is of mixed ancestry and possesses a creative gene that is hard to find in young people these days. During his first years with us he worked tirelessly behind the scenes at anything that came his way. With basic training at Capilano University he demonstrated a willingness to learn and to advance. Indeed, following in his brothers footsteps, Ramsay started out at the bottom of the production ladder doing subtitles and eventually becoming part of the edit team.

Ramsay has what we directors call a creative eye. He has a knack for capturing fundamental moments that brings insight to a scene. His keen eye has helped capture special moments. Many of the photographs you see on this site were taken by him. Others were taken by Kristy and Jeff. But the posters for each episode on this site is Ramsay’s creative output.

Ramsay grew up in Iskut, B.C and now makes his home in Vancouver with his lovely better half, Kaitlen and their young son, Hunter.