SAMAQAN: Water Stories: The Series

SAMAQAN: Water Stories, is a TV documentary series that provides viewers access to a unique and special world. Our storytelling is not conventional and is not driven by demographics or reality television. Our stories are about the water concerns of modern indigenous societies. The episodes find focus in the connections, physical, cultural, emotional and economic, that we have with water.

Our unique and special world is that of the indigenous (Defined as aboriginal in Canada) people of Canada. Although our stories are shot in both Canada and parts of the U.S.A. we tend to focus on stories with a Canadian angle. We are interested in global affairs while our outlook may still center on the impact of world affairs on provincial and national issues, particularly related to how we deal with our waters.

To date we have produced 52/ half hour episodes. In our fourth season we also have four episodes shot entirely in New Zealand with a focus on how Maori deal with water rights. The concept that Water is a Taonga, or Treasure is complex and multi faceted. As we try to do in most of our storytelling we give you a glimpse of that world view.

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