EPISODE 41: Kiatiaki 1

Water as Taonga at work (The McGuire family, members of the Pahutiki Marae in Hawks bay are struggling to restore the river system for once abundant species of flounder and “tuna” or eel.)

As with many first Nations, the Maori believe they are guardians, or Kaitiaki, of the environment and therefore nature is of utmost importance in their stories and legends. To that end several Iwi’s (families) have taken to undertake tremendous amounts of work in restoring river systems. We take the issue of Taonga to find its physical embodiment, and to its tangible side. We visit the Whenau (family) McGuire’s in Hawkes Bay and witness what they have done to improve their sacred waterways. Not only are they trying to save the eels from extinction but they are also attempting to revive the black flounder population.

The Second Screen