Back to the Bayou

There are moments in our lives we never forget. One of the most tragic images burned in my memory is that of the Deepwater Horizon burning in the middle of the ocean, oil spewing into the ocean as if it would never stop. We were between seasons 1 & 2 of SAMAQAN, Water Stories.

In April, 2010 the blast of the Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico was felt across the world. 5 million barrels of oil spilled into the ocean. The explosion caused eleven human casualties. The spill directly impacted 68,000 square miles of ocean. 

SAMAQAN first traveled to the Gulf in 2011. At that time we discovered sludge in the Louisiana coastline and in the marshes west of the Mississippi river. In December 2012 they were still monitoring and cleaning up 546 Km’s of shoreline. By 2013 Scientists determined that a third of the oil spilled and may have mixed in with ocean sediment. 

The impact of this act of infamy leaves a tarnished legacy. The court trials are still ongoing, legal fines inflicting the British Petroleum Company tens of $billions. 

That’s what made us wonder how our friends were doing? We go back to the Gulf of Mexico to take a look at the shrimping and tourist industry. We cruise with Swampman Derek Billiot who brings us to speed on his swamp tour operations. We meet shrimper Tracey Trahan to see what is happening in the lucrative Gulf Shrimp market. And we talk to two scientists about the unique ecosystem of the Gulf region.

As Canadians struggle with the realities of oil, SAMAQAN sends out a wake up call in Back to the Bayou: This week on APTN with extra's on our Episode page.