Welcome to our new website

Our series began its fourth broadcast season on September 10, 2015 with a slate of brand new programs. We are proud to bring you exciting new stories that were filmed in New Zealand, Southern Louisiana, near the Alberta Tar sands and the British Columbia's coastal areas. All stories are told from a unique perspective that is truly Canadian, speaking to Canadians about the things we care the most about.

Water is at the epicenter of our philosophy and identity, that if we take care of the environment, the environment will look after you. These are teachings carefully passed down to us by oral histories thousands of years old.

Our concern for water is universal and transcends racial boundaries. Over the last five years we have brought you stories about many of the connections we have, as humans, to water. We strive to identify both the tangible, as well as the intangible aspects of water. We want you to find the programs on APTN, to sit back and to absorb the beauty of the stories and the people. If we touch you then our job is half way done. If we move you to do something about water, then we have reached an immeasurable goal. As our dear friend Josephine Mandamin likes to pose the provacative question: We do it for water, What will you do?